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Case Study

Recycling Advisor transformed its sales strategy from The Little Engine That Could into the Shinkansen bullet train

Background on Recycling Advisor's Sales Strategy

We worked with RecyclingAdvisor.com to improve its sales strategy. RecyclingAdvisor.com connects recycling equipment companies (clients) with those who need to rent or buy equipment or services (end users). It has a powerful business model, leveraging state-of-the-art digital marketing and a user-friendly website to promise the end user 3 price quotes within 24 hours.

When I met Carl-Ivar, he was Head of US Operations for Recycling Advisor’s Swedish parent company. His sales force in New York was limited and in need of process optimization. On top of that, the same team who owned the national sales process were also responsible for collecting accounts payable, an uphill battle in its own regard.

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Carl-Ivar Ahlqvist
Recycling Advisor

Supporting Recycling Advisor's Sales Team

I began supporting the sales team by diving in and understanding the sales process. I started with calling existing clients to expand existing accounts. Then I moved into cold calling new potential clients to increase new sales accounts, both in number and regionally.

Discovering Early Improvement Opportunities

The first opportunity included a strict structure to customer relationship tracking. This offered not only improved team communication and more accurate regional sales metrics but also highlighted client accounts that slipped through the cracks and were overlooked, ignored or forgotten.

Next we focused on the backend sales process to deliver a more meaningful sales message to clients, who are often busy and never want to hear a sales pitch. Clear sales communication bridges the gap between a friendly salesperson and a business decision.

Developing a New Sales Strategy

With a powerful sales message in hand, the next steps took a higher level focus, inspecting the way clients pay. We revised the sales process bottom-up to categorically eliminate client late payment. This fostered long-term client relationships and reduced the workload for the sales team.

By better accommodating client needs, we observed an immediate positive impact on sales.

Transformating the Sales Strategy

At the end of our contract, Recycling Advisor transformed its sales strategy from The Little Engine That Could into the Shinkansen bullet train. With an optimized sales process, its sales pipeline was filled to capacity. We observed a +200% increase in projected sales, within 6 months, and during our contract client accounts were expanded nearly 3x.

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