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Kajabi Web System: 5 Ways to Turn Your Knowledge into Income

The Kajabi web system combines your website, shop, and learning management system into an all-in-one business solution.

So where do we start with Kajabi? Well, as entrepreneurs, we need to learn a lot and fast. Facing ways to make our businesses successful or stay that way comes with a lot of trial and error and numerous learning experiences.

We learn from those mistakes and apply our newfound knowledge to whatever else we need to face in this world of entrepreneurship and business. Some would love to learn the right types of skills you need and get appropriate coaching. This is where Kajabi comes in. It’s the right type of platform that can help you share your knowledge base with those seeking this education.

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Kajabi does the heavy lifting for you

You’re already busy trying to run one company. However, Kajabi will easily help you get set up and have your courses ready to be shared and sold quickly. It’ll join your website, shop, and learning management system (LMS) all into one platform to easily manage. There are a range of templates to choose from and multiple customization options. This leaves you only to generate the content and put it out there.

Once you get yourself on the Kajabi platform, there’s no need to have one platform for your site and a separate non-intuitive plugin for your learning management platform. As this is an all-encompassing solution, you can focus on mastering your craft and distributing it through this platform with no issues.

Kajabi is Marketing-Friendly

There are already numerous simple click integrations that can be included with Kajabi. This is especially the case in your marketing tools such as Aweber and Mailchimp. These seamlessly build out those crucial email subscription lists, helping to segment your audience and target markets in the process.

Or, if you haven’t stuck onto one type of email marketing provider, Kajabi comes with its own built-in email marketing software. This also comes with other growth products such as building out landing pages in minutes or developing actional pipelines.

It’s Data-centric

All those various touchpoints, user actions, and conversions are excellent sources of data. Kajabi also provides its own analytics as it integrates with popular data tools such as Google Analytics and Facebook Pixels.

Kajabi helps to centralize and analyze these different data sets to provide you with insights to make actionable decisions. It also helps provide all the information immediately through its reporting and analytics. This allows you to optimize your site, your product offering, your pricing, and how to target your customers.

It’ll also allow you to tag people through your site. This easily gives them specialized triggers and automation on how they’ll receive email content and promotions based on their behavior through your site. You can also import existing client data into the platform and make this your CRM tool as well.

Kajabi gets you paid

Working with this type of learning management system helps to put the product first. It also generates paid courses, podcasts, memberships, and subscriptions. Meaning as you start to create that content from your specialty, whether you’re a business coach, financial consultant, or wellness instructor, you’ll be able to build out a community that helps to generate your revenue from various channels.

In addition, Kajabi also helps to integrate with popular common payment solutions. It does this to make the checkout for potential new subscribers and customers seamless and straight to the point. This is crucial for you to convert those leads faster.

So whether you want to set up a Stripe or PayPal solution or both, you can do it in a matter of minutes. The best part is that Kajabi themselves don’t take a cut of the sales through their platform.

It’s a platform for everyone

Kajabi helps to get you out there into the digital arena regardless of your level of technical knowledge. They’ve developed extensive resources and even their own Kajabi University to get you through the initial steps of building out your website with zero knowledge.

These resources will help any type of entrepreneur get their site up and running without any kind of techno-induced stress. Their resources are always free to use and come with a variety of learning methods.

That means you’re able to start from day one. Then as you grow and learn the platform, you can expand your level of sophistication with your site, adding new features and customizations as you see fit.

Now’s also the perfect time to get started with Kajabi. Check out the details here. 🤖

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